About Trevion Johnson

Hi guys, welcome to Tools Aim! It’s Trevion Johnson here.

You’ve come to the right place if you are a DIY guy or a repairperson who wants to get repair and maintenance jobs at home, in the garage or in the backyard done.

If you love working with tools, screws, saws, and all those stuff for a new construction, repair or maintenance project, you are very much welcome, too.

Just like you, fellow handyman, I have been working with tools since when I can’t anymore remember. But I still can recall my first repair job, a broken home chair way, way back.

Trevion Johnson

It has always been a pleasure to create something new with different tools, too. And it’s fun to work with tools, devices, and equipment to accomplish something. However, I never stop learning about these wonderful stuffs, recognizing that it’s a life skill to get something done for yourself.

For me, getting a repair work around the house is one of the best ways to spend a weekend. I also meet fellow handymen and learn new things from them. Ultimately, I feel proud that I keep learning and discovering new stuff every day. I just love my tools!

Besides doing what I do, I create videos to share my work and knowledge to the guys who also want to learn how to use tools in repair, maintenance, or construction projects.  I also vlog about anything interesting I get to discover and learn.

In case you want to check out my videos, feel free visiting and subscribing to my YouTube channel. You might be interested to know the latest in the tools space, how to use them, how to create with them, and other how-to stuff.

I established Tools Aim for the love of DIY projects and repair, and all.   But for me, it’s very important that we use the right tools to get the job done. Or else, we might end up frustrated and stressed for not getting the results we wanted.

That’s why we need the right equipment all the time. It is another reason I built this website. I want to share what I know about these tools and how to choose those that can help finish the job and the qualities that make good ones.

Trevion Johnson

Here, you’ll find buying guides in choosing drill bits, desoldering pumps, and car drying towels, and so on. Also, I’m featuring informational blogs, tips and tricks articles, and different answers to reader questions.

Browsing the content and reading the guides, I’m hoping you’ll be able to pick the right devices, tools, and equipment for your projects, and find tidbits of information from the articles and featured content on this website.

For questions, suggestions and reaching out, please email me at [email protected] or direct message me on my social media channels.  I will be more than happy to hear from you and help for any concerns.

Stay tuned for more updates! Enjoy your visit and I hope you’ll love Tools Aim.

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