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You’ve come to the right post if you’re shopping around for the best car drying towel. In the following, we’ve outlining our top 10 recommendations of car drying towels. They are by different brands and are with varying features. These include on the size, material, design, color and other things. They are also with the special qualities that we should be comparing when picking the right car drying towel.

In this buying guide, we’re also featuring the factors that you should check when comparing your options. If you’re ready, let us begin discussing the drying towels available on the market and later decide which one is for you.

Top 10 Best Car Drying Towel Available Now

Chemical Guys MIC 1995 – Best Microfiber Towels

Chemical Guys MIC 1995 - Best Microfiber Towels

The Chemical Guys have been around for quite a while. Their brand is famous in the car detailing industry for their top-quality car drying towels like this MIC 1995. It is a great towel that is among the highly-rated ones in the category.

The Microfiber Dryer Towel has an ideal size and with dimensions 25 x 36 inches. It is easy to hold and move around to dry a car after washing. Plus, this towel is made of real microfiber material. Its quality is unquestionable. This towel is proven swirl-free, lint-free, and scratch-free.

The Chemical Guys dryer towel is also smooth and extra plush. It will not scratch the surface. This item also has silk-banded edges to improve its integrity. Plus, its material can promote better absorbency. Lastly, this product is washing machine washable, so cleaning is less a hassle.

Overall, I liked the microfiber towel for its large size and thick material. It is with split fibers that have a spiral pattern for an absorbent and soft towel.

Meguiars X2000 Magnet – Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Meguiars X2000 Magnet - Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

If you’re shopping around for a fully absorbent cleaning cloth, you should not miss the X2000 Magnet. It literally magnets the wetness and dries your car fast. It is a must-have in your car accessories kit whether you’re a business owner or not.

One of the things that make the Meguiar’s X2000 a great choice is that it has an ideal size 22 x 30 inches that make it easy to move around and use for drying the surface of your car.

Another thing I liked about it is the reduced drying time that we must spend usually. It also features better absorbency and fewer wring outs, making it more convenient to use. This item is also one of the best in its class for offering up to twice the water absorbency when compared with ordinary terry towels. Finally, there is no worry about streaking. Check this item out if these features sound cool for you.

CleanTools 51149 – Best Chamois For Drying Car

CleanTools 51149 - Best Chamois For Drying Car

Do you want a chamois material for your drying cloth? Check out the CleanTools quick drying and highly absorbent cleaning cloth for your car. It is ideal for recreational vehicles and other types of vehicle that you want to dry or spruce up along the way.

The CleanTools 149 Emgee is a natural wetness absorber that will not leave any streaks behind. It is safe and easy to use on any types of finish. It will not cause any scratch or damage to the surface. I also liked that it is versatile for applications at home or while on the go. It comes with a storage tube, which keeps the single absorber for better storage.

The chamois towel is also resistant to different types of chemicals, mildew, and mold. It is also washable by hand or by machine. No matter where you use it, the cleaning towel will dry any surface faster. You can use it for plenty of drying applications.

RAG COMPANY Professional – Best Towels Review

RAG COMPANY Professional - Best Towels Review

The 2-pack Rag Company towel is popular on car towels reviews. There is no doubt with that status because the Dry Me A River professional microfiber drying and detailing towel is soft and smooth. It will not leave any streak on the surface. It is also with soft suede edges that make it tougher to last for many uses.

I also liked that it’s easy to wash by machine or hand. The Rag Company is made of premium quality blend of microfiber containing at least 400,000 fibers for every square inch. You can also use it on any finish. It will not leave any scratch on your car’s paint.

The Rag Company towels are ideal for drying your car fast and safely. It can accommodate up to 10 times than its weight. Finally, this high-quality car drying towel is made of some of the softest plush material. While it has a soft material, it can last for hundreds of uses.

Chemical Guys MIC 78101 – Best Microfiber Towels For Auto Detailing

Chemical Guys MIC 78101 - Best Microfiber Towels For Auto Detailing

Another to consider for a car drying towel is the Chemical Guys MIC_781_01. It is soft and smooth. It is guaranteed to dry any surface fast, no matter where you use it. The towel is also with a silk edging to ensure it will not leave any scratch or streak on the surface.

This towel also has a large drying surface. It is better than the other waffle weave towels on the market. It can make drying your car, SUV, or truck in a flash. Also, it can absorb dirt and water better. You can count on it when it comes to drying your car efficiently. All you need is to dab or glide it gently to pick up any wetness or liquid. The microfiber material is a combination of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. It can ensure no scratches, lint and streaks as you use it on your vehicle. Check out the Waffle Weave Dryer Towel today!

Viking Car Care Waffle Drying – Best Towel Brands

Viking Car Care Waffle Drying - Best Towel Brands

Another to consider when finding a towel to dry a car, a recreational vehicle or a truck is the VIKING 912401. It is by one of the best brands in the category. For one, it is high-quality and soft. It will not leave lint or streaks on a surface. It will not also cause scratches.

This towel can absorb up to three times it weights in water. I also liked that it is absorbent while also being soft. It is also made with micro beads that do not leave any water spots or streaks.

The VIKING 912401 is also safe for use on any surface. You can count on its clear-coat safe and lint-free performance. Each towel is also embedded with tiny fibers embedded in the cloth. It can hold dirt and dust effectively and is designed with a deep waffle weave construction. Lastly, this item is reusable and washable. You can wash it for a hundred times.

VibraWipe Microfiber Cloth – Best Microfiber Cloth

VibraWipe Microfiber Cloth - Best Microfiber Cloth

The 12-pack microfiber cloth is another not to miss when looking for a drying towel. You can save money for choosing it because you don’t have to buy new towels from time to time. Not to mention, the microfiber cloths are also reusable and washable.

In addition, I liked that the VibraWipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloth comes with a large surface. It is better when it comes to holding more water, dirt and dust. It can also hold much split fibers. This item is also highly-absorbent, holding up to five times its original weight in water.

Also, the microfiber cloth is machine washable that you can wash it for more than a hundred times. It is moneysaving and practical. If you’re looking for a clean sweep and quick drying time, you should consider buying the 12-pack microfiber towel. Finally, this item is made of soft plush material that can collect dirt. It can also blot up spills fast.

Griots Garage 55590 Terry Drying – Best Towels To Buy

Griots Garage 55590 Terry Drying - Best Towels To Buy

The Griot’s Garage 55590 is one of the best towels to consider for long-lasting use and quick drying properties. The PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel is highly absorbent. You can count on it when it comes to drying the surface of your car, recreational vehicle and SUV fast. It is absorbent that it can absorb much water than its weight. It will pull the wetness from the surface without leaving streaks, lint, and dirt.

This towel can hold as much as 5 pounds of water. And for its double lining, it’s able to trap more water. I also liked that it has satin edges that can prevent scratching on the surface.

The Griot’s Garage towel also use 1200 GSM of microfiber that makes it more efficient in performing the drying task. With all these features, you might want to consider the towel for your auto detailing or drying needs. It is one of the most effective on the market.

The Man Sham Chamois Cloth – Best Towel To Dry Car

The Man Sham Chamois Cloth - Best Towel To Dry Car

The Man Sham towel to dry a car is another top-rated item on the market. It can promote the quick drying of your SUV, car, truck or recreational vehicle. The towel is highly-absorbent.

It can do the work of up to five ordinary towels because it can absorb more than its weight. It can suck up water and eliminate any spots on your boats or vehicles. While it does its job so well, it doesn’t need stretching.

The Chamois-Cloth also has a large surface, which means drying a much larger surface, too. It can offer a lint-free and scratch-free shine, two of its primary features. With these, you can make sure that your paint will not be damaged at all.

Also, this Man Sham towel is ideal as a gift for men. So, if you are looking for one, you might want to consider this towel. Those who particularly liked auto detailing will love this towel.

Pack Neighbors Microfiber – Best Drying Towel

Pack Neighbors Microfiber - Best Drying Towel

The Neighbor’s Envy XL Microfiber Towels is already with three pieces of car drying towels in one pack. With that, you can have reserved towels whenever you need it. The Relentless Driv is also a professional quality towel that is used by those in the auto detailing industry.

The car drying towel also has a large surface. It just means that it can dry up a large surface, too. It’s enough to dry your car using only one towel. Plus, this item is washable and reusable. You can use it for many times, so you can save money in the end. It is also durable that you don’t need to buy a car towel again.

It is machine-washable that it can retain its appearance and functionality for a long time. Being machine washable, you can also ensure easy and quick cleaning. Finally, this drying towel can also provide a pristine finish that gives your car an even more appealing look.

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Why It’s Important To Dry Your Car After Washing

Not drying your car after washing it can be as bad as not washing it. If you would leave your car out there to drip and dry, all the impurities, grit and dirt will stay on the car’s finish. These things will not evaporate in the air. It is then understood that these debris will remain on the paint.

When this happens, you should not remove the hardened sediments and dirt without using a detail spray. Or else, you will cause damage to the paint.

It is important to dry the car after washing it to ensure that it’ totally dry. Or else, your effort and time of spending almost a day in cleaning it will be useless even with the most expensive shampoos or cleaners. Your car, nevertheless, will not be clean completely without drying it after washing.

What is Microfiber towel?

Microfiber towelA microfiber towel is one of the most essential accessories in your arsenal if you own a car, truck or recreational vehicle. It is also for you if you own a car detailing shop. This towel is special that it can hold many times its weight in water. It is made of heavy-duty and little fibers that can suck away surface water and other debris instead of smearing them onto the car’s surface. It has very small fibers that they will not scratch paintwork. They will not also leave streaks on the paint. It is why it’s an ideal towel to dry your car.

Why Use a Microfiber Towel To Dry Your Car?

One obvious reason is that it can dry your car fast. In that case, your job will be easier. You can also be more productive because it shortens the process of drying the car. Absorbency, nevertheless, is one of the primary properties of microfiber towels. In many cases, such can absorb about or more than five times its original weight in water. That’s why it is also understood that you don’t need to use two of them in drying the car.

In addition, it is cost-effective. Based on many of the reviews we did, you can use and wash it hundreds of times. It just means you save money in the end that you don’t need to buy new ones frequently. That is also without degradation to its quality. It can retain its original form and appearance to give you its intended use.

Microfiber Towel To Dry Your CarAlso, using a microfiber in drying your car also eliminates the use of chemicals. It just translates to more safety of the paint. It also just means that you are not going to damage the paintwork, and that’s also thanks to the soft and smooth microfiber material.

Mircro fiber towels are also efficient that they can absorb much water, especially the larger particles. But aside from water, they can also suck up grit, dust, dirt, grime and other debris. In this case, you can prevent them from remaining in the surface once it dried. These towels will not also cause marring in the paint or causing swirls later. They will not cause any negative effects on the paintwork.

Versatility is another benefit of using a microfiber towel. It can also be used in cleaning and buffing off wax, polish or sealant.

Nevertheless, these are the clear benefits of using a microfiber in drying your car. As you see, it is also versatile that it can be used in other applications, too. These towels are great investments to have in your arsenal. Invest in these microfiber towels for their huge advantages, especially in terms of keeping your car looking great and preventing its paint damage.

The Best Way to Dry a Car

Way to Dry a CarThe best way to dry a car is using a microfiber or a chamois towel. Either will not leave scratches or streaks on the surface. It is with a high absorbency property. Such will also make a lint-free and streak-free performance. It is also highly absorbent that you might just have to use only one towel to dry the entire car.

This towel will not also cause damage to your paint, so you don’t need to worry about it marring in the paint or leaving swirls on it. This towel, like a microfiber drying cloth, is not just for drying but also for use in buffing off wax, polish or sealant. It can also be used in cleaning the interior.

How to Buy the Best Car Drying Towel


Size Car Drying TowelThe larger the surface of the car drying towel is the better. It only means drying up a larger surface, too. If you’re going to buy a high-quality towel, you must check a larger-sized towel that can also help you dry your car with just one of it. Some of them are available with 22 x 30 inches or maybe larger. Nevertheless, you should compare the dimensions to figure out their size.


There are different materials available for a drying towel used by auto detailers worldwide. But for the most part, the primary materials for a car drying cloth are chamois and microfiber.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning ClothsOne of the most valuable materials for a cleaning towel is a microfiber. It is with extra fine microfibers. They have asterisk-like structure. This towel is ideal in auto detailing because it can pick up liquids, dirt, dust and anything that it will grab on to. It is said to be the best material when it comes to cleaning. Their super small fibers can also fit small corners and crevices to grab on dirt, dust, bacteria, grime and water.

Chamois Towel

Chamois TowelThis towel is basically made of a special leather type from a goat/sheep. It is with a smooth surface and has an absorbent property Its absorbency has its limitations, though.

The material is with a felt-like and soft finish. It can be stiff when dry. It is ideal to use for a larger vehicle. For its pros, it can be great at larger cars, trucks and SUVs. Only one is needed to dry a car.


There is nothing much to explain about the design nor the color. It can be personal preference. Most of these towels are square or rectangular in shape, too. Nevertheless, you can pick the design that appeals to you.

Ease of Cleaning

Don’t miss this factor when comparing your options. It should be easy to clean and maintain. Many of these towels are reusable and machine washable. Cleaning is a breeze, and it should not take long. They also dry quickly, so no problem if you need to use it sooner. For washing, you should use delicate soap to extend its lifespan. But for a chamois cloth, you might want to wash it by hand, instead. It can take a longer time before drying. Nevertheless, do cleaning carefully to prevent the cloth from damage.

Looking After Micro Fiber Towels

Microfiber towels are lasting and heavy-duty. However, you might want to look after them if you want them to continue their optimal function.

Looking After Micro Fiber Towels

  • For one, you must ensure that you are not mixing these towels with other fabrics because they tend to pick lint from the other materials. So, in all cases, you must wash the microfiber towels separately.
  • Avoid using too hot water. Instead, you must use warm or cold water to clean without damaging them.
  • Don’t forget to prewash the microfiber towels if they have so much dirt on them. The same applies if they captured many residues of polishing or cleaning products. Soak them before handwashing separately.
  • Check for lint to avoid the towels from soaking it.
  • Dry them using low heat. Do not use high heat because it might cause damage to the towel. It will also shorten its service life. So, if you want to keep your microfiber towels looking good and functioning like new, you must use low heat in washing the towel.

Follow these tips to ensure that you can clean and maintain the microfiber towel correctly.


The best car drying towel helps dry your car in a cinch! It can absorb more than its weight in water. It also has a large enough surface that can clean a larger car surface. One can also promote quick-drying and a lint-free, streak-free and scratch-free performance. With it, you don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging paintwork. A great drying towel is also easy to clean and reusable for more than hundreds of times. To get started in the selection process and ensure you’re buying an excellent car drying towel, refer to our guide. Buy the right car drying towel today!

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