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Moving around with a large batch of food or drinks can be a struggle for many that don’t use any of the best cooler with wheels. Especially if you love activities, picnics and weekend outdoor BBQ parties and excursions, you might have a really hard time in carrying a large cooler that can way hundreds and hundreds of pounds when filled to its capacity.

Thank goodness that several brands can manufacture cooler on wheels. These wheeled coolers make larger coolers more travel-friendly. To help you with the selection process easier, we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 suggestions in the category. Let’s start.

Top 10 Best Cooler with Wheels

Coleman Rolling Cooler – Best Fishing Coolers

Coleman Rolling Cooler - Best Fishing Coolers

I love the Coleman Rolling Cooler because it insulates the items inside very well. There is nothing like it when it comes to performance. I loved how it is well designed and made to keep the things chilled for up to five days.

In addition to this unique feature, you’ll also liked the rolling cooler for its Xtreme Technology, which works with the super thick and extra insulation wall. This feature makes the product ideal for up to a few days of camping.

I’d also recommend it for its higher capacity than other brands have, and that is thanks to its capacity of holding up to 84 cans. This model also comes with durable wheels that can handle every terrain there is. You can also make use of its added cup holders in the design. This model also has a telescoping handle, allowing for compact storage and easy pulling. Nevertheless, the rolling cooler is a must-consider item for its high capacity and insulation.

Yeti Coolers On Wheels – Best Rolling Cooler For Beach

Yeti Coolers On Wheels - Best Rolling Cooler For Beach

If you’re looking for a reliable wheeled cooler, you should check the YETI Tundra. It is ideal for excursions and beach outings. The Portable Wheeled Cooler is a top choice in the category for its superb design that makes for easy moving around.

I’d also like to recommend it for its rotomolded construction, a quality standard in many durable coolers. It has an indestructible core that you can count on for long-term use and different demands.

The YETI cooler on wheels is tough to last through the years and for more than hundreds of outdoor adventures. The wheels stay as they are, never going flat. They are with a single-piece tire construction that makes it puncture-resistant and impact-resistant.

I also liked that it has a tough handle, composed of welded aluminum coupled with nice grips. The handle has a curved design for towing-friendliness. Finally, the model as a strong arm that makes it durable. This handle also has a curved design that provides an easy heel-friendly moving around.

Igloo Ice Cube – Top Rated Coolers

Igloo Ice Cube - Top Rated Coolers

The large capacity ocean blue Roller Cooler is another consideration when finding a wheeled cooler. It is loved by consumers all over the world; many noting of the long-term use and adaptability of this cooler for many of their excursions.

In addition, the Igloo Ice Cube cooler is made of Polyethylene, enhancing its durability. In terms of keeping the ice cube, food and drinks cold, this model is also reliable. It is with Ultratherm body to keep the items inside cold for many hours.

More so, the item has sturdy wheels combined with an excellent tow handle. These features allow for better portability without any hassles. This model also has molded side handles, allowing for quick loading and unloading.

The cooler is also with a 60-quart capacity, making it ideal for those looking for a large storage. Overall, I liked the design and construction of this cooler on wheels. It is also perfect for beach getaways and other adventures.

Pelican Wheeled Cooler – Best Roller Cooler

Pelican Wheeled Cooler - Best Roller Cooler

The Pelican roller cooler is the top cooler in the category for reasons. I loved that it has a higher capacity of 80 quarts, making it great even for a large family or group. What is also impressive about it is that it is designed with a 45-quart interior volume.

In terms of the design, it is sleek and elegant. It has a built-in trolley handle, allowing for easier portability. Also, if you want to keep your food chilled for a long time, you can also appreciate the ice retention capability of this model. What makes it possible is the thick insulating polyurethane material.

This item also has a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket, ensuring delivering optimal ice retention for up to 10 days. I would also like to highlight that this item has more features like lockable hasp, locking latches and durable molded tie-down slots. It also boasts the stainless-steel bottle opener included. It also has an anti-shear hinge system.

Igloo Rolling Cooler – Best Rolling Coolers

Igloo Rolling Cooler - Best Rolling Coolers

The Igloo brand is renowned for quality and innovation. It can keep up with the changing demands of its consumer. One of its latest and top offerings for its market so far is the Igloo Maxcold Quantum cooler.

This roller cooler is one of the best in terms of offering an impressive insulation. The utratherm body can offer cold retention for a long time, and that is also thanks to its utratherm lid.

Also, this model has a telescoping and locking handle, which is also designed with gear hangers, one of its unique design features. This item also comes with shipping bags and other accessories for a more convenient use.

I am also impressed with the easy pulling and pushing of this roller cooler, and that’s for its no-jam wheels. It also comes with a molded-in handles that can help in lifting it without any hassles. Finally, this model has an internal shelf-ledge that can offer added space for condiments and drinks.

Igloo Cooler With Wheels – Best Wheeled Cooler

Igloo Cooler With Wheels - Best Wheeled Cooler

Another top of the line cooler with wheels to consider is the Igloo Glide Pro 110. The rolling cooler is made of robust Polyethylene material. With that said, you can have peace of mind that this cooler can deal with any terrain. It is also with oversized rally wheels for easy transport.

I also appreciate that this cooler on wheels is with an attractive and elegant design. In addition of the nice aesthetics, it is with generous interiors measuring 31 by 13.43 by 14.65 inches. You can depend on its large capacity that makes it ideal even for a larger family.

More so, I’d like to mention that it comes with slide-and-lock handle for offering max leverage. It can also help in lightening load lifting. Overall, you might want to check it out if you’re looking for a generously sized interior to accommodate more food and drinks. And for all its features, you might really want to consider it for its adequate size, elegant design and sturdy construction.

Coleman Coolers With Wheels – Best Cheap Cooler

Coleman Coolers With Wheels - Best Cheap Cooler

Are you looking for a soft cooler? You might want to check out the Coleman Soft Cooler. One of the things that make it unique is its removable wheels, making it easy to store at the back of your car. Its liner is also removable.

The Coleman cooler is one of the best rolling coolers on wheels with soft sides. It is easy to transport and store. In addition, I am impressed to know that this cooler is treated with antimicrobials that can resist mold, odor, mildew and fungus. With this feature, the soft-sided cooler can prevent the growth and development of these microorganisms and keep it easy to clean.

In addition, this model is with a plastic liner, so you don’t have to use a liner that has ice substitutes. I’d also like to note that it has heat-welded seams that can prevent the leaks. More so, this item has durable wheels that make them ideal for an easy transport. Plus, it comes with side handles, allowing for a better carrying control.

Igloo Wheeled Cooler – Best Rotomolded Cooler For The Money

Igloo Wheeled Cooler - Best Rotomolded Cooler For The Money

The Igloo 34231 is another top choice in the category, especially when it comes to its affordability. The Trailmate cooler is with oversized wheels, which do not go flat or skid. They are with tread that will not leave scuff marks. They are ideal for decks of boats and use for outdoor activities.

They are also perfect when it comes to traversing even uneven surfaces. You don’t need to worry about not being able to move around because this item is easy to transport. I also liked that this model comes with an easy glide handle, allowing you to pull your load up to fifty percent.

I am also impressed that this item can offer up to four days of ice retention, and that is due to its Ultratherm insulation on its lid and body. You might also want to know that it has an anti-microbial liner that can stop the development of odors and stains cased by mold, mildew and bacteria. With this feature, you can be sure that you don’t need to spend too much time in the cleaning process while also ensuring a longer product life.

Rubbermaid Cooler With Wheels – Best Cooler For The Money

Rubbermaid Cooler With Wheels - Best Cooler For The Money

Are you looking for a cooler that can retain coldness for up to five days? You might not have to search anymore. The Rubbermaid DuraChill can offer you that. This blue cooler is made of high-quality insulation. It can keep the food and drinks inside chilled even if it’s exposed to temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, this cooler can accommodate up to 130 cans of drinks plus ice, something ideal for a larger group or family. Also, it is with rugged wheels that can adapt to multiple surfaces and terrains easily and quickly.

I would like to note that the portable cooler is versatile for many purposes, such as tailgating, picnics and camping. It is also made with a durable metal and plastic handle for towing. For convenience in transport, the cooler is with side swing handles, which also offer a comfortable grip for everyone. Finally, it comes with built-in cup holders to use for 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans.

Igloo Ice Chest With Wheels – Best Coolers For Camping

Igloo Ice Chest With Wheels - Best Coolers For Camping

If you love camping and outdoor activities, you might want to check out the Igloo Cool Fusion. It is with a 36-can capacity that is ideal for hours of cold storage for a medium-sized group.

The 36-Can Roller can also offer maximum cooling for its thicker insulation, featuring 25 percent more foam. It can keep your food and drinks chilled for many hours. This model is also with a telescoping and locking handle along with rubberized wheels for easier and quick transport.

I am also impressed that it features an easy to clean and hard-sized plastic on its interior, allowing for easy maintenance. The Igloo Ice Chest also boasts its exterior pockets, giving better opportunities for easier organization and storage.

Overall, the Igloo Cool Fusion is one of the top picks you should not miss for its flexibility and lightweight. It has a convenient design that allows for better portability. It is also easy to push and pull with its smooth-gliding rubberized wheels.

What is a Cooler on Wheels?

Wheeled coolers work in the same way as non-wheeled and traditional coolers. However, they have wheels that make them more portable and easier to move around with versus their non-wheeled counterparts are. However, they have their differences, too, depending on the type. There are indoor, outdoor and hybrid coolers (more on this later).

Types of Coolers on Wheels

Before buying wheeled coolers, know what to expect. In the following are the types of coolers on wheels that you can compare and choose from for a better buying decision later.

Outdoor Wheeled Coolers

Outdoor Wheeled CoolersAs their name suggest, they’re built for the outdoors, making them suitable for activities, like hiking and camping. If you like picnics, you should also consider the outdoor wheeled type. You can also consider it if you love hunting or fishing activities with friend.

They are perfect for outdoor terrains for their special wheels that can overcome different obstacles, including a changing elevation.  They have tough wheels, ensuring their longevity for outdoor use.  In many cases, their wheels are with ridges and grips, allowing for better ground traction.

Great models also have a combination of rotating shaft to reduce jamming with the debris that the wheels encounter. They also have larger wheels that can make it easier to move on the surface.

Indoor Wheeled Coolers

Indoor Wheeled CoolersThey are not made for the tough outdoor environments, so their wheels are different. They are designed with focus on indoor surfaces, which are commonly smooth, so they’re smaller than those made for the outdoor environments are. Most of them don’t also have very distinct ridges/grooves.

The shaft used in their manufacture is also smaller than the outdoor types have because they’re less likely to be jammed. They are not exposed to as much dirt or grasses as well.   Generally, the indoor coolers are also smaller than those intended for outdoor uses.    In this case, those looking to buy an indoor wheeled cooler doesn’t really look for a cooler with a large storage capacity.

Hybrid Wheeled Coolers

The hybrid wheeled cooler has the qualities of both an indoor and outdoor cooler.  They don’t have aggressive wheels like those of the outdoor cooler but not as small as an indoor cooler, too. They try to combine the great properties of the first two types. These wheeled coolers are perfect for people looking for one that is versatile for a broader range of environment settings.

How to Choose the Best Cooler with Wheels

Before adding a product to the cart, let us discuss the things that you should look for when finding the right wheeled cooler for your needs. Let’s discuss here.

How to Choose the Best Cooler with Wheels

Cabelas Size Chart and Cooler Sizes

It is not just the overall capacity of the cooler that you need to investigate but also its size or overall dimensions. It has to do with how much space it will occupy at the back of your car, for instance.  It is why some people go for that with a malleable property that allows the cooler to fit more spaces, especially true for models with soft sides.

Wheel Cooler

You must also check the size and construction of the wheels.  For example, small wheels won’t do well if you’re planning to use the cooler for a wider range of terrains.

Storage Capacity

You need one with a larger capacity if you’re planning to bring a larger batch of food and drinks during an excursion. On the other hand, one with a smaller capacity can be enough if you’re planning to bring only a smaller batch during one outing.


Go for a cooler that is designed and made using only one plastic other than that with multiple plastics molded together.  It has to do with the durability of the cooler, so compare your options factoring in this consideration, too. There are also coolers made with soft-sided fabric material; however, read about the product’s strength before adding the product to the cart.

Types Of Cooler Insulation

It has to do with the performance of the cooler. Two types are available – the foam and polystyrene material.   For the rolling cooler, it is ideal to have the polystyrene material, which is cheap and lightweight.  The thicker the walls are, the better insulation they can provide the items inside the cooler. Foam lining is also in some insulation of other wheeled coolers, usually in soft-sided models.  It works well if you only chill the items for a few hours. But then, the polystyrene can work better than it when it comes to insulation.


If you’re not planning to use the cooler frequently, you might want to go for a cheap cooler. But you might want to spend higher on a cooler with wheels if you want to use it often. It can last longer and has better features. Nevertheless, you can compare the prices.

Those marked with a higher price tag is like that for supreme features like enhanced durability and quality. They are also meant for longer term use, especially among those looking to use their coolers more frequently. Finally, compare the cooler based on the price that you can afford so that you can also save time by narrowing your choices.

Consider these things when shopping around for a great wheeled cooler so that you can stay on the right track and make a wise decision later.

Tips For Using Your Cooler

How do you make using a cooler easier and better? Check out the following for some tips you need to remember.

Tips For Using Your Cooler

After every use, wash the cooler

Don’t let the cooler stand there for long uncleaned from your last activity. You should wash it after each use so that you can get rid of any germs and prevent odor. As much as possible, it is also wise to store it upside down or hanging.  It will also be good to use soap that can help preventing the development and growth of mold and mildew.

Don’t overload!

One of the primary tips that we’ve like to share to keep the longevity of your cooler is not to overload it as much as possible.  Check the user manual and find out how much weight it can handle.  By not going beyond the maximum load that it can handle, you can prevent the damage to the wheels.  If you want to extend the lifespan of your wheeled cooler, you must load it based only on its capacity to ensure its performance, too.

Use larger ice if you want to keep food and drinks chilled for a longer time

Go for bigger ice cubes that can take a longer time before they melt completely. Avoid those small ice cubes for sale in gas stations. You can try to make larger ice cubes and make the most of your cooling time if planning to chill food for a longer time, too.

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FAQs For Wheeled Coolers

FAQs For Wheeled Coolers

How long can a cooler work?

There is no specific answer to this question because it may vary based on several factors, including the thickness and type of insulation it has. For one, you might also find polyurethane insulating materials. They are expensive, but they durable.

With a cooler that has thicker and better insulation walls, you can ensure of it can work longer. Also, a better insulation material can retain better cooling. However, other factors that play a major part also depend on how many times you’re opening the cooler and the temperature outside.

Can I leave it in the sun?

It will also depend on the cooler. For example, the soft-sided types must be kept under a shade, or else, it will not offer a long cooling time. If it is a plastic cooler with anti-UV properties, you don’t have to worry about leaving it in the sun even for a long time. Nevertheless, you might also check on the user manual to know if you could leave it in the sun or not.


We’re hoping you learned something from this buying guide outlining what you need to know about coolers with wheels. Again, they’re of different types, so you should think about the features you want your cooler to have before selecting. It will also help if you would consider the factors that include type of insulation, material and storage capacity, to name some.

Finally, consider the top picks we’ve suggested earlier so that you can make a thorough comparison of 10 wheeled coolers on the market. Each of them has essential features and unique qualities that make them top choices of consumers worldwide. Buy the best cooler with wheels today!

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