Best Torch for Dabs | Propane vs Butane Torch Reviews

Choosing the best torch for dabs can be tricky without a clear picture of what you’re buying. For one, these dab torches are with different features, including construction material, function, and ease of use. They are also with different sizes and unique properties, such as an attachable base for a cordless or hands-free operation. Also, they are with varying prices and by different brands.

For help, keep reading in the following for the things to check when weighing your options and the top products in the category so that you can make an informed decision later. Are you ready? Let’s begin with the reviews of the top 10 torches available in 2020.

Top 10 Best Torch for Dabs

Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch – Best Butane Torch for Dabs

Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch – Best Butane Torch for Dabs

The torch is a top consideration if you want a dab torch that works as expected. It will never give you a headache for its solid performance and durable construction. Your investment is never to regret with this one. This product is highly-recommended by many torch fans, and in marketplace is the Big Shot of choice.

There is no wonder why because the Big Shot Butane Torch is with an anti-flare nozzle, which ensures its performance each time. The frame nozzle made of brass also adds to the safety of use of the device. It also offers a flame control that you can count on for a broad range of applications that will not waste butane.

I also noticed that this model has a tabletop base that you can use if you’re looking for a hands-free use. This element in the design makes it more convenient to use. Other great features include a Piezoelectric ignition system that allows you to use it without any electrical connection. The flame can also reach a temperature to 2,500 degrees.

Sondiko Butane Torch – Best Torch Lighter for Dabs

Sondiko Butane Torch - Best Torch Lighter for Dabs

Are you looking for a comfortable to use butane torch lighter? Then, you don’t need to look any further. The Sondiko Butane Torch is versatile that it can be used for culinary, too.

The refillable butane torch light also comes with a safety lock for an improved level of safety for its use. So, whether using it for Creme Brulee, baking and BBQ, you can ensure a solid performance. Plus, this model can offer an adjustable flame, so you can control it in the way you need it.

It is also with a long-angled nozzle to keep your hands away from its flame. In terms of construction, it is with an aluminum alloy construction for long-term use. This model is also easy to operate, so even beginners will not have a headache using it. the potable torch uses the Piezo Ignition Technology, so it doesn’t require any electrical connection. Finally, you can check it out if looking for an ideal gift for dab-loving friend.

Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting – Butane Torch Temperature

Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting - Butane Torch Temperature

If you’re shopping around for a self-igniting torch, you might want to consider the mini and self-igniting torch. The Blazer GB2001 is one of the best in the category among those looking for a Blazer torch that they can bring anywhere.

The Butane Micro-Torch can offer up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature, ideal for many applications. I also liked that it has a great flame tip and offers a blue hot flame. It is versatile for use in the kitchen and other applications.

For grip safety, you might also want to consider it for its diamond-shaped and rubber body. With it, you don’t need to worry about dropping the torch and causing injuries or accidents to oneself or other people. This model also requires no electrical connection because it uses the Piezoelectric ignition system. Finally, I liked that it is with an attachable stand, allowing for hands-free use when needed.

Creme Brulee Torch – Best Torch For Dabs

Creme Brulee Torch - Best Torch For Dabs

The Creme Brulee Torch is not just for dabbing but also for kitchen applications. With it, you can make delicious and appealing dishes, including Creme Brulee. The blow torch can offer a steady and strong flame, adding to its ease of use and comfort.

The Pepe Nero torch for dabs is also made of aluminum material, so it is reliable for long-lasting use. You can count on it for the years to come. The torch is also refillable. Also, this torch is with a safety lock. With it, you don’t have to worry about your children igniting it accidentally. Another thing that makes the Pepe Nero unique is that it is with a fixed and strong base that can prevent it from falling over. Your pets and children will be safe from it.

Overall, this item is one of the top picks around for its versatility for applications, such as cooking and preparing meats and desserts. It is also one of the most reliable around for dabs.

EurKitchen Culinary Cooking Butane Torch – Best Butane Torch Lighter

EurKitchen Culinary Cooking Butane Torch - Best Butane Torch Lighter

The EurKitchen butane torch is another to look at if you are looking for a functional torch lighter that offers durability and functionality. I liked that the torch is also ideal for making yummy desserts and meats. The Butane Torch is what you need for fish, steaks, and other dishes.

Also, I would like to recommend this item for its finger guard that improves the safety of use of the torch. With it, you don’t just use a reliable torch for dabs but also one that can prevent you from being injured. It can protect you from burns as well as keep your fingers away from the heat.

This item is also made with ABS plastic and CE-certified aluminum, making it a quality pick among the choices on the market. It can also offer comfort and convenience because it is lightweight. Finally, the blow torch includes a gas flow regulator dial, gas flow safety lock and a fuel gauge.

Kollea Refillable Adjustable – Cheap Dab Torch

Kollea Refillable Adjustable - Cheap Dab Torch

The Butane Torch is another choice on the market if you want a quality torch but do not want to spend much. It is an affordable culinary torch that many people are choosing not only for dabs but also for steaks, fish, and other dishes.

Also, the Kollea Kitchen Culinary Torch Lighter is refillable. You can do it easily without any hassles using any butane brand that has a long and universal nozzle. The torch is also with an adjustable flame. You can set it based on your needs.

Aside from being versatile and refillable, it comes with a rotatable head. You can rotate it up to 180 degrees, allowing to use it as a lighter or a torch. The durable torch is also with a safety lock, which can prevent any accidental ignition, keeping your pets and children safe. It is also made of premium quality ABS body, allowing for long-term use.

Jo Chef Refillable Torch – Best Torches For Dabbing

Jo Chef Refillable Torch - Best Torches For Dabbing

The Jo Chef Kitchen Torch can offer us with an adjustable flame, so it is versatile for your intended applications. The adjustable flame also saves on fuel and makes it easy to complete any task on hand. You can use it for cooking foods, BBQ, and baking. This model also comes with a free recipe e-book that adds to its value.

I also liked that the Jo Chef torch offers you a convenient way to use a dab torch. It is easy to use and refill. Plus, this model can offer a temperature as high as 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is also perfect for applications, such as roasting peppers, searing meats and browning brulees.

I’m recommending the torch fort those who want an easy to use tool. It is also with safety locks for increased safety when using it. Finally, the Jo Chef torch is an ideal gift to dab-loving friends. You might want to check it out for yourself.

Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame – Best Torch For Dabbing

Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame - Best Torch For Dabbing

The Dremel 2200-01 is another top of the line multiple function torch that can handle your dabbing needs. It is with the solid features and quality materials that make it one of the best on the market. It is a high-end torch, which has a built-in ignition trigger. It can offer you convenience that it does not require the use of any ignition tool.

In addition, the Dremel 2200-01 is also a versatile kit that can be used for heat blowing, heat deflecting, soldering and flame diffusing. I also liked that it can supply us with a variable temperature, allowing you to control it in the way for which you want to use the flame.

This model is also with a lock switch, offering a quick and easy operation even for an extended time. Finally, I liked that it has an attachable base for a cordless operation and includes accessories, such as a blower, a storage case, a flame diffuser, and a sponge, to name some.

Spicy Dew Blow Torch – Best Torch Lighter Brand

Spicy Dew Blow Torch - Best Torch Lighter Brand

If you’re shopping around for a reliable torch lighter, you might want to look at the Spicy Dew Blow Torch. For one, it is easy to refill, adding to its convenience of use. I would also like to recommend this one if you want to improve safety. It has a safety lock that keeps you and your loved ones safe. You can prevent injury and burns with it.

I also liked the micro butane torch for its fuel gauge that lets you see if it needs refilling. The torch for dabs is also versatile that you can use it for cooking, too. You can use it for caramelizing sugar, roasting bell peppers and searing a steak.

The torch for dabs is also functional for indoor or outdoor use. It has a portable design, too. You can also use it for lighting a fireplace and candles. It is also suitable for use in plumbing and jewelry making.

Bernzomatic TS8000 – Propane Torch For Dabs

Bernzomatic TS8000 - Propane Torch For Dabs

The Bernzomatic TS8000 is one of the best propane torches that you can choose if you love dabs and cooking. It is also ideal for brazing, heat treating, light welding and large diameter soldering.

Also, this torch is with an automatic start and stop ignition that can easily ignite and that can extinguish the flame instantly. The swirl flame in the design can also offer a maximum heat output.

In terms of durability, the torch is with a cast aluminum body, enhancing its performance. This item is also pressure-regulated, offering you with a consistent performance when inverted or tilted momentarily. It also has an adjustable control knob that allows switching between applications.

The Bernzomatic TS8000 also has a run-lock button. It works by keeping it lit, which is valuable when using continuously. However, you must use a MAP-Pro fuel for the best results in using the propane torch.

What Is The Best Dab Torch?

What Is The Best Dab TorchThe best torch for dab is one made of high-quality materials, including cast aluminum. It can ensure of long-term use and performance. It also has a safety lock that offers safety not just to the user but also for pets and children. One is also easy to refill and adjust for ease of use.

Also, the right dab torch is also with a nice grip for ease of maneuverability. It is also one that has an attachable base for hands-free use. It is available on select models. If you prefer a hands-free/cordless operation, you might want to consider this feature when comparing your options.

What to Look for in the Best Torch for Dab?

How do you choose the right torch for dab? There are many considerations to think about to avoid ending up with one that will not give you the most satisfying experience. As they are also available with many features, you must also think about what you are looking for in your dab torch.

Safety Features

Remember that you’re dealing with a hot device here. You must be cautious to prevent hurting or burning yourself. Being careful, you can also prevent any accident or causing a fire. To avoid making some serious damage to anyone or a property, you should be looking for a torch with safety features, including a safety lock or finger guard.

In addition, you can check for things like trigger safety, pet and childproof locks and flame control. All these things and more will make using a torch safer. You should buy a dab for torch that is not just durable but also safe to use.

Type of Gas

Type of GasThere are two types of these gases – propane and butane. But for many, they prefer butane torches than the prior. The reason is that it can produce a cleaner flame. Thus, it does not affect the flavor of the dab as much as a propane-operated torch does. In addition, propane is very hot. It is not ideal for lighting a dab. It can also produce or emit titanium oxide that can oxidize outside your nails.

Butane Torch for Dabs

This torch is the more common between the two because it is cleaner and doesn’t make a poor flavor in the dab. You can get started in the selection process using our buying guide earlier featuring the top picks on the market.

Propane Torch for Dabs

There is also propane torch for dabs; however, it is less common because it is too hot. It can burn the dab, too. Plus, it can cause serious damage to your nail, too, if you don’t know how to use it properly. In fact, you should also learn how to dab with low temp, whether using a butane or a propane torch.

Butane vs Propane Torch – Which is Best for Dabbing?

The more common among the two is a butane torch. It is reliable and is preferred by many people who love a dab. As said, it does not negatively affect the flavor because its flame is clean.

On the other hand, there is a propane torch. It is too hot that it can reach up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is why it is quite dangerous for the purpose of dabbing. Also, this torch can damage your nail if it gets too hot. The light is also directed, so it might not burn evenly. This flame is not ideal for dabbing.

Temperature Control

It is also important to buy a torch that allows you to control the temperature for a better smoking experience. It will let you adjust the torch temperature to set your dab to an ideal temperature.


You should look for a sturdy dab torch that can meet and keep up with your demands, especially if you’re an on-the-go user. You should not go for a dab torch made of a cheap material.

Ease of Use

Look for one that is easy to use and portable. It must also let you refill it with butane without any hassles.


When shopping around for a good dab torch, you must also read reviews of consumers. Their feedback matters to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable brand that commits to the satisfaction of its consumers. Reading customer reviews, you can also find out if a dab torch is a good one or not.

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Why Do You Need a Torch for Dabbing?

Torch for DabbingYou need a torch for dabbing for certain reasons. One of the reasons is that an ordinary lighter will not work. If you would use an ordinary lighter, you will not light the dab properly. While it can be used, you cannot count on it to heat the nail longer and evenly. That is why you should not use an ordinary lighter for dabbing.

You also need a butane/propane torch for dabbing because it is reliable for this purpose. It is also durable to last for many uses. Good ones also have a lockable and adjustable flame. It is also easy to use and refill and does not make much noise. Using a torch for dabbing, you don’t need to buy an e-nail or a health stone. You also don’t have to use a vaporizer, coating a joint or topping a bowl.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Torch for Dabs

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Dab TorchCartridge: One of the things to think about is buying a torch that has an easily replaceable fuel cartridge so that you can get the most out of it. Do not buy a butane torch that has a hard to replace cartridge.

Quality: Another thing to think about when buying a torch for dabbing is its quality. You should not compromise this feature with price. You can just imagine saving a few dollars but then ending up in a very weak torch? Thus, you must strike a balance between price and quality to avoid ending up with frustration.
Temperature: You should also understand the temperature of the dab. There is much talk on forums and debates regarding this. According to the experts, between 400- and 700-degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid any temperature that is hotter than this range because it might damage your through, mouth and lungs. Your rig can also be damaged. On the other hand, a cooler one will not produce enough heat. It will not activate the terpenes.

How To Refill Dab Torches Easily

How To Refill Dab Torches EasilyOne of the most important things to consider when refilling is cleaning your butane torch. You should do it to eliminate any fuel or air that collected in the torch, if you’re using an old butane torch. It is also done to avoid any damage to the device. To do it, you should turn the gas valve off, and then turn your torch to the ground or floor. Then, you can inset a screwdriver into the torch port before pressing it. You must wait and listen for the stopping of the hissing gas.

Make sure that both the gas flow and burner are off before flipping the torch upside down. Look for the refill nozzle and then shake the butane to make it warm. Then, you can start inserting the nozzle into the butane canister, and then put the butane filler into the torch’s direction before finally pressing and holding it. The fuel will then flow into the nozzle. Remove the butane refueling after a few seconds because the torch must have been filled.

Now Let Us Look At How One Uses A Torch For Dabs

Uses A Torch For DabsSet up your dab and rig to get started. Sit and relax because you might feel an intense rush. Turn the torch on and direct it at the nail, which must be heated until it becomes hot. When the nail is hot, turn the torch off, and then put the glass dome over your nail.

Depending on the nail you’re using, you should cool it down. If using a titanium nail, you can wait 10 seconds. The reason to cool it down is to prevent any residue from being left.
Next, you can take the dabber, and then apply the dab on nail inside your dome. Inhale it slowly. Be sure to rotate the dabber tip to prevent any stuck oil to the dabber.


What Does Dab Stand For?

A dab refers to a dab weed. Sometimes, it is also called a pull and snap, a resin, a shatter, or a carbon dioxide wax. At the very least, it is a weed form, which is in a concentrate form. This concentrate can deliver effects that can come in ten minutes. Such can also last for up to two hours. They are powerful concentrates. One is the shatter, which is a semi-transparent concentrate sheets that resembles an amber glass in appearance.

How To Make Wax Dabs With Butane?

It is quite a long process to make wax dabs with butane. For this process, you need an extraction tube, an uncut cannabis, propane/butane canister, a medium and a large glass dish, a vacuum purge, an electric heating pad, a parchment paper, and a concentrate container. Here are the complete steps on how to make dabs with butane.

How Hot Is A Butane Torch?

The butane torch can produce about 1430 degrees Celsius, or 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, based on the reviews featured earlier.   Some also claim that their butane torches can produce about 2610 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a hot enough temperature to melt just about any common metals, including copper and aluminum. It can also be hot enough in vaporizing different organic compounds.

How To Make Dabs Without Butane?

There are several ways to try if you want to make a dab without a butane. One of the ways is through a rosin. It is a new extraction method. You can make dabs without butane using this method. You can also do it just about anywhere you have an access to a hair straightener. The rosin is translucent, which is like a snap and pull waxes or shatter.

How To Low Temp Dabbing

You need to make sure that the torch lighter or torch is hot enough in vaporizing the concentrate that you’re using. To achieve low temp dabbing, you should, however, make sure that it is not too hot. It will prevent a normal dab lighting, which will leave a dark residue.

However, you might have to adjust the cooling period by testing out based on the thickness of your nail and the material. In this case, you should find out and adjust the cooling period. To get it right, you should take some dabs.

Can You Use A Torch Lighter For Dabs?

Yes, you can use a torch lighter for dabs, such as those we’ve featured earlier in the reviews. Pick from one of the powerful torches lighter that you can use for lighting a dab.


Shopping around for the best torch for dabs can be less time-consuming and less stressful if you know what to find in a great dab torch, including durability and safety. We’re hoping that you’re able to pick among the top-rated products in the category so that you can have a more satisfying use of the dab torch you’re choosing. Again, consider the factors, such as those mentioned earlier as well as compare the top-rated items in the category. With the right dab torch, you can take advantage of benefits, such as safety, convenience, and comfort. Buy the right dab torch that can offer you a satisfying experience today!

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