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Picking the best grout for shower among the choices for grouts can be uneasy if you’re unsure of the things to check. For this reason, it pays off to read a buying guide that highlights the top picks in the category.

In the following, we’ll discuss the top 10 products now. Each of them has special features and qualities. Also, we’re featuring a buying guide that highlights what you need to know when shopping around and comparing your options. After reading, we’re hoping that you’ll be able to pick the right tile grout for the shower that matches your needs. Let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Grout For Shower

Spectralock Pro Laticrete Grout Home Depot

Spectralock Pro Laticrete Grout Home Depot

One of the top suggestions we’re highlighting in today’s reviews is the Laticrete grout from SpectraLOCK. This Pro grout performs and delivers the expectations of the consumers, who reveal nothing but great things about it.

This item is also available in a two-pound container, making it a great value buy for those looking to apply it in a large surface. The Pro Premium can also offer color uniformity, so it can compliment the space well. This product is also stain-resistant, so it does not require much maintenance. I also liked that it’s easy to use and apply. In addition, you can use it in an interior or exterior surface.

I am also impressed with the versatility of the grout, which can be used on a glass tile, ceramic tile or a stone application. It is also perfect for use in walls and floors. You can also depend on it for application in fountains and swimming pools.

CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout – Best Grout For Shower Walls

CGM 500TG Waterproof Tile Grout - Best Grout For Shower Walls

Are you looking for a tile grout for shower walls? You might want to check the CGM 500TG. One thing that makes it ideal for shower walls is that it is water resistant. In that case, you don’t have to worry about it not sticking or staying on the surface well.

I would also like to note that this item has a larger size than others available. It has a five-pound size that makes it suitable for a larger surface application. In addition, the color is versatile that it is in white, making it neutral and complimentary to most tile color. Th item is also great because it can offer water sealing, too. It just means that the item can ensure durability.

Overall, the CGM 500TG is a fine quality grout for shower walls. You can rely on it for easy and long-lasting application. It is an ideal choice for homeowners who do not want to redo the application after a short time.

Red Devil Tile Grout – Best Grout For Shower Floor

Red Devil Tile Grout - Best Grout For Shower Floor

Convenient and easy to use, the Red Devil 0438 is another top choice that you should not miss when looking for shower floor grout. It is readily useful in its paste form. The white tile grout is suitable for the flooring. It won’t crack or lose its shape even if the shower is always a wet area.

The top-rated tile grout for the shower is available in a five-ounce tube, so it is easy to apply. It is also in a white color, making it suitable for whatever color your tile is. I loved that this item is water-resistant. It will not wear even with frequent moisture and wetness in the bathroom. The application is also suitable for high foot traffic places like the shower. If you’re a handyman, you will love this tile grout for its unique formulation that makes it easy and quick to apply. As it is in an easy tube container, it is not hard to apply.

Red Devil 0425 Pre Mixed Tile Grout

Red Devil 0425 Pre Mixed Tile Grout

If you don’t like the thought of mixing the tile grout before applying it to the shower, you must consider the Red Devil 0425. It is a premixed tile grout, which is perfect for a DIY project. You will not have a hard time applying it because you can readily apply it to a clean and dry surface. This item is also in a 5.5-ounce tube, so it is suitable for average sized surfaces.

The Red Devil 0425 is an acrylic-based grout, which is applicable for mosaic and ceramic tiles. Take note of this feature for the best results. The unique grout can offer you with professional results for a DIY project. It is also easy to maintain because it is a water-resistant formulation. I would also like to mention that this product is VOC compliant. The tile grout is also mildew-resistant, keeping its appearance for a long time without being affected by the moisture in the shower. Finally, this grout can adhere well to wood, masonry, tile and wallboard.

White Grout Simple Premium

White Grout Simple Premium

The PMG381QT premium grout is a bright white grout that suits many applications. It is also ideal for whatever your tile color is. This high-quality grout is also perfect for DIY projects that it will not give you a hard time to apply it.

One thing I liked about it is that it is ready to apply because it is a premixed solution. The paste form is already consistent, so it does not require adding water and grout powder versus other tile grouts. I liked that this grout is also stain-resistant, which is one of its most useful properties. In addition, it is shrink- and crack-resistant.

However, do take note that this grout applies to joints with a width of between 1/16 to 1/2-Inch. But nevertheless, it is a cool choice that it is great for restoration projects. Finally, the quality and simple grout is one of the coolest around because it is packed with features that also include water resistance. You can also apply it for countertops and shower walls.

NSG1221-4 Polyblend Non Sanded Grout

NSG1221-4 Polyblend Non Sanded Grout

The NSG1221-4 is a non-sanded variety that you might want to check out if looking to apply without worries about abrasion and damage to the tiles. This grout is also available in a one-pound size, making it suitable for small repair and restoration projects. With it, you don’t have to worry about overspending or wasting on the tile grout.

However, take note that it is not premixed. You must mix it with water, but it is not hard to do it. This grout is also polymer fortified, so it is durable. The non-sanded grout is also not hard to mix because you can do it in a pail. It is easy to apply for grout joints with up to 1/8 inch in width. It is also durable and can give you professional results, and that is thanks to its polymer fortification.

Nevertheless, this grout is easy to apply and use. It is the top choice for people that want a versatile and quick to apply grout for the shower.

Stain Resistant Grout (Middle Gray)

Stain Resistant Grout (Middle Gray)

Are you looking for a stain-resistant and mold-resistant grout for the shower? You might not have to look for any other grout, but check out the stain-resistant grout. In addition, the high-performance grout is one of the top choices in the category.

The Middle Gray tile grout is also a universal formula that it is suitable for walls and floors. You can also use it for exterior and interior surfaces, too. It is also unique that it can be used for commercial and residential applications.

You can also save money because it doesn’t require any sealing. Plus, it is resistant against mildew, mold and stain. It will stay looking new for a long time. Uniquely, it is also resistant against any household chemical cleaner, so it will not lose it properties even if it gets contact with harsh cleansers. Also, this grout does not produce haze and is Efflorescence-Free. It is also non-toxic and without volatile compounds.

Grout Paint Pen

Grout Paint Pen

The Grout Pen can be what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a grout for restoration of old grout in your shower. With it, you can effectively restore the appearance of the lines. The Rainbow Chalk Markers is also ideal for applications calling for a beige grout line.

I am also impressed that the paint pen is formulated with antibacterial agents. They can help in preventing the reappearance of grout. With this feature, you can be certain that it can retain its lovely appearance for a long time without you worrying about the development of mold and mildew in the surface.

Also, the tile grout for the shower is ideal for walls and floors. You can rely on it for these applications, but you might have to do use more than one of it for a larger surface. Overall, the tile grout for the shower is one of the excellent choices for its easy application and durability.

Grout Magic – Best Tile Grout

Grout Magic - Best Tile Grout

The tile restoration kit can be what you’re looking for if you’re shopping around for a complete kit to use for restoring or replacing old and cracked grout lines. It is not hard to apply at all, and all you need is to follow the manufacturer instructions on its use. The grout repair is also with what you need to replaced your cracked tiles.

Also, it comes with a grout saw for removing old tile or grout. It is a unique feature that makes this kit a great choice among thousands of homeowners worldwide. I would also like to note that it comes with a grout filler and tile adhesive for installing a new tile quickly. In terms of quick and easy solution, you can also rely on this grout for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Also, this item is suitable for use on porcelain and ceramic tiles. Check it out yourself.

Sashco 15020 – Best Grout Brand

Sashco 15020 - Best Grout Brand

The Sashco 15020 is another great grout repair product not to miss when shopping around for a shower tile grout. For one, it is by Sashco, a renowned brand for quality and performance. You can have peace of mind that this tile grout is high quality and durable.

The Sashco Sealants tile grout is ideal for repair projects and moneysaving. For one, it is durable to last-long even when exposed to moisture and wetness. If you’re looking for a textured grout, you might also want to check out this item that has a mortar appearance. In addition, this tile grout will not fall away or crack.

Also, this item will compress and stretch for effective and long-lasting sealing. With it, you don’t need to repair cracked or old grout lines often. Overall, you should not miss the Sashco 15020 on your list when shopping around for an effective tile grout for the shower.

What is the Best Grout for Shower?

The best grout for the shower is one that will not cause damage to soft tiles. It is also easy to apply on vertical surfaces. One can also resist mildew and stains. Finally, it is not hard for the budget and can last long without frequent maintenance required.

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Types Of Grout

Check out the following for the types of tile grout for the shower that you might want to know when finding the right grout for your shower. Here they are:

Types Of Grout

Cement Grout

This grout type has cement as its main component. It also has filler particles, colored pigments and water-retentive additive.  It is a traditional grouting material that is used in either commercial or residential applications.  They are a favorite because they are available in many colors to match your tile color.

Mapei Epoxy Grout

It does not have cement but is composed of an epoxy resin, a hardener, silica filter and pigments. It is not as porous as a cement grout.  It is ideal for places like the kitchen where oil is present. You can find an epoxy grout in a sanded or unsanded form.  This grout is not going to scratch the tile, but you can test it on a small portion first.

Latex Grout

This type is like a sanded cement grout; however, it is with a latex polymer that is added into the premixed powder. It can also be added during the mixing. With the added latex, this grout is water resistant.

Sanded Grout

Just as the name suggests, it is added with sand. This type is commonly used for lines, which have a width larger than 1/8 inch. The added sand makes it more durable.  It is ideal for stone or ceramic tiles because they typically have wider joints.

Unsanded Grout

This type of grout is a mixture of non-sand particles, water and cement. This type is commonly used for smaller than 1/8 inch of a grout line.  It is ideal for natural stone tiles because it does not contain any abrasive particles.

Difference Between Sanded And Unsanded Grout

Sanded And Unsanded GroutFor one, sanded grout it thicker than the unsanded type is, so it is longer-lasting. It’s standard grout, which is added with aggregate sand. This material can make the sanded grout more durable. It is not prone to shrinkage like the unsanded grout is.

In addition, sanded grout is also thicker, so it can resist cracking. On the other hand, unsanded grout is prone to cracking if you applied pressure on it. But when it comes to a better hold on a vertical surface, the unsanded grout can do better. The reason is that this tile grout is sticky. It does not have any aggregate added to it, so it is also easy to spread. You will not have any issue that it will not stick long.

You also must determine the kind of tile you are working with because sanded grout can cause damage to smooth tiles, such as soft marbles and limestones. So, if you’re working with smooth tiles, you should go for unsanded grout.

Some Features To Consider While Choosing The Best Grout For Shower

Don’t buy a tile grout for the shower without knowing certain features that matter in such a product. In the following, we’re highlighting the things that you need to know so that you can make an informed decision later.

Non-Flammable: You must buy an anti-flammable grout that can help in preventing fire. It will not support fire, so it is a better choice. Check out this feature when reading the specifications on the label or product page.

Non-Toxic: This feature is essential because it ensures that the grout will not damage your hands when applying it. With this tile grout, you don’t also have to worry about any fumes that can be dangerous for the health. Avoid grout that is made of harmful ingredients that might be toxic for humans.

Colors: The color of the grout also matters when selecting it because it should match the area where it will be applied. For example, the grout color to choose should complement the color of your tiles, too.

Stain Resistance: Due to technology, manufacturers can improve the stain resistance of the grout. It will mean less maintenance for you. In this case, you also don’t have to worry about the grout not looking new for a short time.

Joint Width: Another important thing to remember when looking for a tile grout is the joint width. For example, unsanded grouts are commonly used for joints with under 1/8 inch in width. For wider widths, you might consider using sanded grouts.

Time to dry: In addition to the above, it pays off to time a tile grout that doesn’t take much time to dry. You can compare your options using the top grouts for shower tiles that we’ve featured earlier. They don’t require much time to dry.

Mildew in grout: As the shower area might be prone to moisture and wetness, it might also be susceptible to developing mildew presence. In this case, you need to look for a tile grout that is mildew resistant.

These are only some of the things to check when comparing grout for the shower. It will be easier now to compare your choices with a better idea on how to choose one.

Some Features To Consider While Choosing The Best Grout For Shower

How To Mix Grout

First, you should add water to the grouting powder based on the manufacturer recommendation. Tilt the mixing bucket before stirring it with a knife. If needed, you can adjust the consistency with water or powder. Set the grout aside for about 10 minutes. Stir it again with the grout knife.

How To Grout A Shower

Before getting started, refer to the manufacturer instructions on how to apply the grout. These may vary from one grout to another. You should also confirm the tile type that you have. When done, you should preclean the wall and the surface using a sponge.  Then, you need to mix the grout to achieve the right consistency.  Next, apply the grout diagonally.  You also need to work in small sections before grout dries in about half an hour. Let it dry. Use a sponge to clear off the mess. After, you can buff the tile using a soft cloth. Finally, seal the corners.

How Long Does Grout Need To Dry

At the very least, the tile grout needs drying so that it will set. In many cases, it takes up to 30 minutes for this product to set fully. If you are unsure about it, you can also perform a test by pressing it gently. If your fingers do not leave dents on the surface of the grout, then you can assume that it is dry. After, you can also use a grout finisher for smoothening out the seams. Make sure to be extra careful with the corners.

​Caring for Your Shower Grout

Do a weekly deep cleaning for your shower grout. You should do it at least once a week or every two weeks if you don’t have much time.   Do a preventative cleaning with baking soda paste and water that you should rub in the grout using an old toothbrush or a grout brush before rinsing with water. Now if you have used vinegar on the tile grout, you must rinse that off before applying any hydrogen peroxide in the grout.

If the grout is stained seriously, you can use bleach pen that is used in cleaning a smaller surface. It also prevents contact with the tiles; however, do not use that in cleaning all the grout, but only the heavily stained ones.

In order to prevent the staining of the tile grout, you can use gentle cleaning agents from time to time. On the other hand, you can also control the dampness in the shower using a dehumidifier or a fan. You can also protect the life of your tile grout using specialty sealers.


The tiles in your shower is a serious spending. Use the best grout for shower that can help protect the overall appearance of your tiles and restore grout lines. To help you find the right shower grout, you can refer to our buying guide for a better comparison of the top picks on the market. These tile grouts are from reputable brands that know how to deliver satisfying and quality products to their customers. Make an informed choice by comparing these tile grouts and their features. Select one that matches your preferences and overall requirements. Also, refer to the factors to check when shopping around for this product. Finally, buy the right grout for shower today!

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