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It can be a pain to find the best reloading kit, especially for beginners and can be tricky if you don’t have enough research for it. Failing to conduct an accurate research, you might not find the right kit that will do the job, and that’s exactly why we’ve rounded up the top 10 reloading kits to choose from and use.

In the following buying guide are the most recommended reloading kits available. We’re hoping you could decide better with the information featured here. We’ll also discuss how to pick one and answer the most common questions surrounding ammo reloading and so on. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Reloading Kit

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press – Best Reloading Kit For Beginners

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press - Best Reloading Kit For Beginners

Expect nothing but the best with the Lee Precision Class Turret Press. This the most convenient presses available in the market today and a top favorite for newbies. You will be thoroughly pleased with its safety prime feed system that removes the need for the primers in the brass to be manually placed freeing you from handling them. This tool is very simple to establish and control making it ideal for both large and small primers.

You’d be pleased knowing that this turret press will allow you to deal with shell cases with a length of more than three inches. You can make this happen with a long stroke. Moreover, you’ll be happy with this ammo reloading kit because the lever length is completely adjustable and it has provides more allowance between the safety primers and the lever knob.

Topping it off for complete durability and strength, this reloading tool is made of solid cast iron with a steel frame. This is highly recommended and the best choice for those just beginning and learning about guns and target shooting.

Precision Load Master Reloading Pistol – Best Starter Reloading Kit

Precision Load Master Reloading Pistol - Best Starter Reloading Kit

The Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit makes the restocking process quicker and more efficient. This progressive five-hole kit covers depriming to crimping and it also ensures that the bullet size is the SAAMI accepted standard.

No wonder this is a top favorite because this kit has a supplementary feature which is called the Pro-Auto Disk. This feature measures the powder that you’d need to reload your gun shells. Most competitive shooters and commercial re-loaders find this feature very beneficial. With this add on, you have half a pound of powder that can be readily used to reload your bullet shells.

Additionally, this kit is easy to use and it comes with a lot of easy to follow instructions so you can set it up yourself. As it also comes from Lee’s, expect this to be 100% effective and strong. It is made of cast aluminium and made with the highest quality from a trusted brand that you get every worth of dollar that you spent for it.

Rcbs 9354 Supreme Master Kit – Best Reloading Press

Rcbs 9354 Supreme Master Kit - Best Reloading Press

The RCBS 9354 or Rock Chucker Supreme Master Kit is well loved by both beginners and seasoned shooters. It is a well-built, solid and value for the money solution if you are after an easy operation, a solid strength, easy to grip handle, and outstanding versatility.

Regardless if you are a pro or new, you can find everything you need in the Rock Chucker Kit. It is well built and the results are always accurate and consistent. The kit includes a powder thrower which alone makes it a pretty good purchase. The construction and material used for this is cast iron frame which makes it durable and one you can use for long time.

Using the kit is also easy because it comes with a handbook that pretty much covers everything alongside instructions for every part of the kit. Overall, this is a smart purchase that you’d be happy about. It is a great kit with a lot of extras.

Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press – Best Reloading Press Kit

Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press - Best Reloading Press Kit

One of the top choices among the gun enthusiast community, the Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press and it’s no wonder why it is a crowd favorite because although it be highly recommended for beginners, it still gives that correct amount of sophistication for seasoned users.

This is best for you if you are the type normally shoot several hundreds of rounds on a weekly basis. You would be pleased with how this reloading kit is designed to be user friendly. The tool itself is made of durable and reliable parts. The press is made from a good combination of aluminium and plastic so you have for yourself an accessory that you can use for a long time and not just for a season.

One more reason why this is a top pick is its compatibility to a variety of calibers. The Precision is well-suited with shells that are 2 ¾ and 3 inches. This will allow you to press easily and competently. One of the most user-friendly reloading kits, this is a smart choice and a tool that you can really benefit from.

Rcbs Summit Single Stage Reloading Press – Best Ammo Reloading Kit

Rcbs Summit Single Stage Reloading Press - Best Ammo Reloading Kit

Everything you’ll ever need, you’ll find it in the RCBS Summit Single Stage Reloading Press. This comes as no surprise since this company has been in the industry for 75 years.

You’d surely get your money’s worth because this reloading kit is made of nothing but the premium quality materials that gives consistent results. It is also heavy duty thanks to its impressive two inches ram. It would take a lifetime before this one breaks or wears out.

It’s a real eye candy too for something that delivers a solid output. The black and green and combo looks cool too. Another thumbs up goes for the portability and mobility of this reloading press. This is easy to transport and storage is no problem at all because it takes so little space.

This is a great choice for a single-stage reloading press because it is user-friendly. You can also check it out if you’re a beginner. The modern design is a plus, too! I also liked that there is so much room to access the shell holder.

Lee Precision 90180 Breech Lock – Best Single Stage Reloading Press

Lee Precision 90180 Breech Lock - Best Single Stage Reloading Press

Branded as the cheap yet dependable portable reloading kits, the Precision 90180 is exactly what you need if you want a basic tool that guarantees results. For beginners, you’d best start with this because it is friendly on the budget and does the work.

Veteran and seasoned shooters meanwhile would still want this because of its usefulness on the range. Sometimes, the simple and basic tools are those that give 100% productivity plus the fact that it can be brought literally anywhere.

Totally portable, storage for this reloading kit only requires very minimal space. You can keep it in a cabinet or a drawer so it is practical choice for folks living in a limited space. This hand press tool would surely keep your hands working but at the same time provides you with that liberty to reload anytime and anywhere you need to.

Lee Precision Challenger Kit – Best Turret Reloading Press

Lee Precision Challenger Kit - Best Turret Reloading Press

Your search for the best reloading kit may be done once you get your hands on the Lee Precision Challenger Kit. You’d be a happy and satisfied consumer because if you purchase this as a kit, you save time, effort, and money. Accessories like the powder measure and a tube for a sizing lube which you’d normally have to purchase separately, are all in the set together.

Since this is Lee, high quality and reliability is considered a done deal. To add to your satisfaction, this challenger kit has the Lee’s O-shaped frame which allows you to work on practically all cases for every caliber that you have or is available in the market. The massive space it provides makes navigation with your hands easier during the reloading process. It makes hand movements hassle free and relaxed,

Another reason to add to your happiness meter is the safety scale tool included on this kit. This is made from a solid phenolic metal so you can count on its stability for a long time. It is also calibrated by the US Bureau of Standards so you can be confident that your measurements are on point. It is your all mandatory all in one kit.

Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

When you are looking to reload more than a single caliber, then the progressive auto-reloading press from Hornady Lock N Load is your ultimate solution. It will not only allow you switch calibers easily but this will give you the power to load more shells in faster time.

This classic advanced press is using a single twist that helps switching from one die to another become a smooth transition. It removes the unwanted need to unscrew and screw as well as remove having to make adjustments which is potentially a time killer.

This kit provides your with better leverage and it also comes with additional features like a handle that is easy to grip, prime catcher, a well-thought of angle frame and an instructional manual to give you additional information. This is surely one of the top progressive presses because of its sturdy construction. It works with utmost precision and works well with other accessories from Hornady. It would surely be a great addition to your shooter’s stash.

Lee Precision 90938 Progressive – Best Progressive Reloading Press

Lee Precision 90938 Progressive - Best Progressive Reloading Press

There would be no need to have separate reloading kits because the Lee Precision 90938 can be used either as a single stage press or if the need requires, it can also be a progressive reloading press. This is made possible because it comes with 5 stations.

Additionally, this kit is compatible with most of the reloading dies being used. To boost your confidence, the dies are well seized thanks to the press’ removable turret. At the same time, it will allow them to be re-inserted and connected less the need for further adjustments.

You’d have a progressive reloading press that you will be using for a long time because this one is solidly constructed using cast-aluminum. Branded as the best progressive reloading press in the history, this outstanding machine reloads fast and is very hassle free to work with. You can’t go wrong with a Lee Precision especially the 90938 series.

Lee Precision Pro 1000 – Best Reloading Press For Precision Rifle

Lee Precision 90682 Progressive Disk - Best Reloading Press For Precision Rifle

Beginners and shooting experts can both agree that the 90682 Progressive Disk is one of the best releases of Lee Precision. All you need is to add the bullet and load the cartridge with each pull of the lever and that’s it. The rest of the operations are done automatically.

To ease your apprehensions about safety, the primers and the powder are only fed if the case is present. If you just want to explore, do some adjustments or further learn about this progressive disk, you’d have to use a different loading sequence which will let you load one at a time.

You’d find that the practical roller handles is a convenient upgrade and that you can change to other calibers easily. Also, this is like a long term project for you because there are various upgrades that are available for this so you can enhance your productivity. This is a perfect learning tool for newbies but veterans would also be happy about its superb advantages.

What is the Best Reloading Press?

The right one is easy to use and heavy duty. This device should last long for plenty of use, so one must also be made with high quality components. The good thing is that manufacturers are ensuring their reloading presses can last long and are beginner-friendly. For more help, we’ll also feature the types of reloading presses to give you a better picture.

Best Reloading Press

Types of Reloading Presses

There are different types of reloading presses which highly depend on the quantity of ammo that you want to yield as output. Some of the popular reloading presses are the progressive reloading press, turret press, single stage press.

Progressive Reloading Press

Progressive Reloading PressThis type of reloading presses is the one that can be counted on for speed and multi-tasking. The only con that may be encountered is that it is complex and could be challenging to operate. Hence, it is mostly suitable for those who already have years of experience in the industry of reloading. Beginners may try but with a little bit of risk.

Progressive reloading press is best pick of reloaders for filling-up riffles which mainly use for sports and competitions. Thus, if you want to manufacture large quantity of ammo for pistol, then this is the appropriate type for you. Rest assured that it can efficiently perform its tasks just like adding powder to the ammo case, adjusting the size of ammo and priming another ammo case.

Turret Press

Turret PressAnother type of reloading press is Turret Press. It is easy to recognize for its rotating plate located on its head for holding several dies. However, this machine is not as fast as the progressive reloading press when it comes to mass producing of ammo but it is also as reliable if you want to have fine and highly accurate ammo.

Turret press is starter friendly since operating it is not as complicated as the progressive type. Mostly, reloader just press the punch of this machine to define metal shapes. It is also known for being effective if the task is to reload various types of riffle ammo.

Single Stage Press

Single Stage PressThe simplest type of press is the single stage. It is mostly preferred by those people who are beginners in reloading rifle ammo. It is suitable for ammo which intends to be used for precision and hunting rifles. It can also do the basic tasks in reloading such as case resizing, seating and expanding.

As mentioned earlier, this one is good if you are just about to start learning how to reload ammo. The top reason is because it is easy to operate and no complicated mechanical parts. All that must be keen with is the way the user has to repeatedly pull the lever after settling the die above the press. Although it can produce lesser volume of ammo, it is still the favorite machine of reloaders since it can develop excellent ammo.

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How To Choose Best Reloading Kit?

It may be extra challenging to find a reloading kit especially if you want the fairest of them all. Surely, a handlful of these are displayed in various stores which may confuse most likely the beginners in reloading industry. Some factors may be considered first in looking for the best reloading kit just like gun types, volume of production, brand and warranty and price.

Gun types

When picking reloading kit for the very first time, it has to be noted if for what type of guns you intend to produce ammo. Basically, the right type of reloading kit depends on this fact because it will lead you to the right path.

It can be really overwhelming to see a number of reloading kit in many shops but you should always start knowing your gun types to shortlist your choices. It would be bad to get the wrong reloading kit only to discover later that it does not match your need in producing the kind of ammo for your riffle.

Hence, it is advisable to find a piece that can produce ammo for a wide range of caliber. Versatile reloading kits may come in higher price but they can be time and effort efficient, too.

How To Choose Best Reloading Kit?

Volume of Production

The quantity of the ammo that you are aiming to produce is something that has to be considered also when buying reloading kit. Once you determine that volume of production, searching for the right type of reloading kit will be easier and faster.

It will help you know after what types of machine do you need and the budget needed as well. There are reloading engines that can produce larger quantity of ammo while some can only produce single ammo at a time.

If you need an item that can do the reloading process faster and can do multitasking, you better go for progressive types which has advanced system.

Brand and Warranty

Some reloaders are really conscious of the brand of their reloading kits. Reloaders usually prefer to go to those brand names with high end and impressive reputation. As they said, you get what you pay when it comes to reloading kits.

Popular brands with long years of experience mostly sell really good quality of reloading kits and they are trustworthy because they won’t risk their gained patronage for a single dissatisfaction of customers. However, there are newcomers in the market who are selling affordable and yet competitive reloading kits also.

It is also wise to go in reloading kit shops that offer good deal of warranty. Usually, sellers offer a year or even a lifetime of guaranteed warranty which includes maintenance, repair and even great return policy.


Price is always one of the top considerations when purchasing home furniture and that also applies in shopping reloading kit. Check first the available budget because it will also be the basis of what type, brand and quantity of reloading kit you can have.

The drill is those types of press that can mass produce ammo and are compose of advanced technology in their mechanical engine tend to come in higher price also. Hence, it is suitable for those who have bigger amount in their pocket and intends to use reloading kit for commercial purposes.

However, for beginners who most likely prefer to have reloading kit with lower cost may start to search for either single stage or turret press. These types are cheaper since they usually have simple machines and can produce fewer but good enough ammo.

Although, it is said the pricey machines can work better because you pay more for them, keep in mind that there are still those reloading kits that are cost-effective but the quality is never compromised.

FAQs For Reloading Kit

How to reload ammo for beginners?

It can be a tedious process, but don’t worry. The right reloading kit can make it easy for you. I have found this useful and comprehensive guide that you can refer to for reloading your ammo.

What do you need to reload ammo?

You need certain materials to reload your ammo. A few of these include a case cleaner, brass tumbler/plastic bowl with a motor under to vibrate the content, reloading press, and reloading dies, powder dispenser, powder scale, calipers, and a reloading manual. On the other hand, you can also choose one of the reloading kits available.

Where should I mount a reloading press?

You must mount it to a stable and stout workbench.  Bolt your press down securely into the bench.

What is auto-indexing on a reloading press?

An auto indexing reloading press automatically indexes the dies or cases.

What reloading press do the pros use?

There is no one answer to this question because pros are using different presses. A few of the most trusted ones include the featured Lee reloading presses featured earlier. Others are the rest of the reloading presses here.


The best reloading kit is a must-have tool for gun owners because it lets them reload their ammos without any hassles. Such is also made for long-term use and convenience. However, you must study your options carefully so that you can come up with a better decision. For help, use the buying guide and the references offered above when comparing your options. Using these reviews, you can have a better idea on the most reliable picks available. You must also compare their specific features, and determine what you want in your reloading kit. We’re hoping that you’ll find the right one using this guide. Buy a reloading kit today!

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