How to Open A Paint Can – Guides for Every Tool Guy

Either a space, a room or a home can’t bring such joy and light without painted walls. Paints, in general, is known to be the easiest way to acquire a full and instant makeover; it also promotes an inviting mood, and simply keeps you relaxed and calm with the comfort from your own space. Thus, it is evident that its benefits go beyond merely aesthetics, because a change in scenery and ambiance are also provided.

Results from painting various area are proved to be excellent; however, the process of doing it so- including opening a can with paint, is not as easy as it seems. Oftentimes, people tend to fail and haven’t successfully figured out how to open a paint can while avoiding a huge mess.

But one must take note that a handful and expensive tools are not necessary, because this method does not need to be a complicated one, yet rather, just a piece of cake.

Know the entire space must also be thoroughly calculated and considered before heading to the hardware.  An exact amount of bought paint permits one to save up money and contributes to a successful and smooth procedure.

Bet you’ve been searching your whole life for an easy and good lead when opening a paint, but this repeated action has come to an end. So, stop and look at this guide because it will show you the most mindless yet genius steps on how to do it and will shed light to the subject as it will lend you paint tricks and strategies.

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What Are The Materials Needed?

Open A Paint Tools

Foremost, a paint, a screw driver and a flat surface are the three essential things needed. Regardless of how huge the can is, this medium might be simple but will let you open it immediately. Also, add hammer and used rag for later purposes.

How to open it?

Have the materials prepared and start following these steps:

  • Open A Paint Step 1

    The screw driver’s flat edge must be placed under the cover between the can of paint. Once it is set up and placed properly, gently push down the screwdriver to detach the can’s cover. This process will constrain the cover to pop, allowing the seal to be released.

  • Open A Paint Step 2

    Using a hand, the screwdriver shall be moved around its other sides and eventually rehash the cycle.

  • Open A Paint Step 3

    Repeat doing the action around the cover until the it can be easily taken off the can without messing the area.

  • Open A Paint Step 4

    Put the paint’s cover and paint alone on a level surface. Mix your paint beforehand and begin painting.

Are There Any Chances That The Screwdriver Could Have Be Painted Too?

No, a wet paint must not interact with the screwdriver.
On the off chance that you have utilized a jar of paint in the previous 24 hours, at that point be cautious. There might be an opportunity that a wet paint was left on the can edge or outside from your earlier use. In the event that you acquired an amount of paint on the screwdriver’s tip, utilize a fabric or paper towel to clear it off.

Is This Effective On New And Used Cans Of Paint?

Indeed, such similar technique works and is effective with new and old containers of paint. Also, one can utilize this strategy repeatedly until the point where the jar of paint has nothing left. Furthermore, bending or harming the cover in any chances to have it sealed when you’re finished must be avoided. Be that as it may, having a can stucked closed with paint, you will require some additional force to detach the cover off.

Is There An Alternative Tool When A Screwdriver Is Not Available?

Is There An Alternative Tool When A Screwdriver Is Not Available?

Would you be able to open a paint can using a different tool when chances are screwdrivers become not handy and available? Of course, one can use an alternative tool that can be easily seen inside the household!

If a scenario exists where you fail to have flat head screwdriver in your home, an alternative material can be used to take off the can’s cover as long as flat sided are present. These other tools could be:

  • Butcher knife
  • Key out of hard metal
  • Putty knife (painter’s tool)

When You Happen To Have An Old Paint Can/Container That Has Its Cover Stuck, How Can You Open It?

When You Happen To Have An Old Paint Can/Container That Has Its Cover Stuck, How Can You Open It?

There are instances when a stubborn can of paint has its cover stuck. When suffering from its difficulties, here are few hints to help you open:

  • Utilize a knife blade when cutting out the dried paint seen between the portion of the can and its cover.
  • Utilizing a hammer in tapping the screwdriver’s edge so that force and power can be applied.
  • Utilizing a screwdriver that has more extensive tip (1/2″ +) can contribute to an easier and instant process of opening.
  • For 10 minutes, soaking the can in a warm yet not hot water while detaching the cover with a screwdriver. Keep in mind, the cover is fixed so that water cannot pass through the paint.
  • Try taking a stab at allowing the can positioned for 10 minutes in a direct daylight to mollify the cover’s dried paint.

On the off chance that these tips are not working and effective, one can generally attempt some needle-nosed pincers, however these will just twist the can’s cover . To utilize the forceps, squeeze the top and roll the pincers until it starts to descent lifting the cover. Ensure that a solid grip is kept on the pincers to keep it from an act of opening and detaching the cover. Continue working and repeat these action around the cover until it totally flies off.

How To Finally Close The Can’s Cover?

How To Finally Close The Can’s Cover?

Prior to shutting the cover, clear off any overabundance of paint, particularly in the can’s edges/lip where the cover must be placed. This assists with keeping the cover from getting “stuck” close due to dried paints.

You need to ensure you firmly closed the paint’s can to keep the paint’s liquid material and prevents from a dried out sense over the long run.

Return the cover back on its defaulted position on the can then use a hammer to pound around its lips and permit the cover to be sealed again. If hammers aren’t convenient, utilize the paintbrush or screwdriver’s handle, or any other alternative that is suitable and proper to be utilized as a mallet will get the job done.

Since you already acquire the wisdom on how to open a paint can, possible mess when opening shall be expected to reduce even if you are doing it with whatever paint you choose. Know that what makes a good and quality outcome is an aware, knowledgeable and guided individual.

Start painting and have your space be filled with serenity and cleanliness!

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